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About Us is an online store owned by me, Jim Graham, a two-time cancer survivor.

We offer mostly fashion (costume) jewelry, but may branch out into fine jewelry soon.   We offer free shipping on all products, and shipping can take anywhere from 12 to 28 days.  When the order is processed, you will be sent (via email) a tracking code.

The owner of this store (that's me) is a two-time cancer survivor who might be facing the return of #1 as #3 in the near future.  My first cancer is the one that tried to kill me more times than I'd care to think about.  The first metastasis was to my lungs, which it had a field day with.  Next, it decided to go for my brain.  I had three brain tumors, three brain surgeries in one ten-hour session to remove them, and then whole-brain/max-dose radiation therapy.  Here's a photo of me, after the radiation, holding my kitten, Tux (he's a monster-sized cat now).  The red burns on my scalp are from the radiation, which also took out my thyroid, leaving me one of three prescriptions I'll be on for the rest of my life ... expensive ones, too.  After this, my hair grew back its normal, thick brown.  After the chemotherapy in 2007, it came back thin and grey.


Me with Tux (as a kitten) right after radiation therapy.

Just to show you Tux today, here's another image of him, and my other cat, Tiggerbelle (she's the normal-sized housecat on the left - you can just see her head, and he's the "slightly" larger cat.

Tiggerbelle (her head is on the right) and Tux (left)


A portion of every sale (at least $1.00, normally around 10%) is donated to the American Cancer Society.  So shop here and get great looking fashion jewelry for great prices while also helping to end cancer forever. 

Contact us via either the message form (see the menu item Contact Us) or you can call us at 850-312-9221 (not toll free).



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