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Major improvements to the store

I have to admit, I'm still new and learning.  Saturday, I learned that the way I had my product descriptions (and in a few cases, images) done was doing a LOT of damage to my would-be sales.  So I spent the last five days going through every product, one by one, and fixing them.

I also added a new capability to the store - a quick view button.  When you hover your mouse over a product, you'll get a "QUICK VIEW" button floating on top; click that and you can view the product detail and add it to your cart without ever leaving the collection page.

Also, over the last five days, while fixing descriptions, I also weeded out the products that don't fit in with the new, summer trends I've been reading about and seeing everywhere.  Some might be borderline, but those that clearly didn't fit were all deleted (the exceptions being the Cancer Awareness and Valentine's Day collections, many products in which are trendy, but many others aren't).  As a result, the Trendy collection will be going away tonight, as it is redundant.

So with that, I have two hungry cats to feed.



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